Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

Boyne DH race(s)

We turfed it, chased some turkeys, shredded some sick flowy trails, played in the sand/rain, showed everyone what the folks from Marquette are all about, and drifted...

DH 1 (super D)
1st Mr. Adam Raphael
3rd Phil Ott (TJA)
9th Stephen Andrae (MQT)
11th Jason Carstens (MQT)

5th Matt Claucherty (MQT) Broke fork crown in half, chain, etc...
12th Wayne Cantwell (MQT)

DH 2 Bobbin and weavin DH
1st Adam Raphael
2nd Phil Ott (TJA)
5th Stephen Andrae (MQT)
20 Jason Carstens (MQT)
23 Dan Murmies (MQT)

1st Austin Fogt (MQT)
9th Wayne Cantwell (MQT)
10th Nic Dobbs (MQT)


2nd Sarah Featherly (MQT)
3rd Rachel Vanderhoff (MQT)
BEAST OF THE DAY. Jill head on with a padded tree Seager