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Quest for fire

Kettles tommorow, Tread fest this weekend, i hope team jackass can invent the wheel in time...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Friday, May 11, 2007

Iola, WORS #1

hanson with sarah, a satallite team jackasser

WORS kicked off in Iola this year.

Age Overall Bib # Name Time Time Back Team

5 16 47 Andrew Hanson 1:48:34.0 4:23.5 Quick Stop Bike Shop

9 29 31 Phil Ott 1:52:59.0 8:48.5 Quick Stop Bike Shop

Fazolis breadsticks have been blamed for feeling like crap during the race and adversly effecting the results, namely Phils. andrew has blamed camp cakes. the team is currently researching new eating habits
Thanks to Rusty for some sweet pictures

see you at tread fest

Team jackass Spring Training

This is a glog comprised of shots from Team Jackass' very structured, very intense, very hip spring training regimine.

Phil trie to limbo and lost

Sedimentary rock intrusions, gitchagumme (Lake Superior)

Andrew eating energy bars

Training Rations

Egyptian cartwheels

Hip Sponsor shot with smoke stacks in the background

place this on your desktop background

A.L. Hanson liked this gnarly descent so much he climbed up for another go. The team photographer captured the magic.
Phil went off course on that same decent
hip chimney in the middle of now where, it was sad, so hanson decided to look sad next to it

phil's climbing accident
Gravity Test
Weight lifting
2 hip